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Benefits and harm of bay leaf for the health of the body

Benefits and harm of bay leaf for the health of the body

Bay leaf - a fairly popular spice in the modern world. The plant first appeared in Asia Minor. Many people are used to using the product as a spice. Bay leaf is also widely used for medicinal purposes in the production of cineole and camphor. Some alcohol companies add plant extracts to strong drinks. Bay leaf advantages only when it has a tart taste and a uniform tone.

Bay leaf: composition, value

It is known that the plant contains a huge amount of valuable elements. Laurel retains enzymes both dry and fresh. The product contains dietary fiber, carbohydrates, esters, fat and protein.There is no doubt whether the laurel is useful. The answer is definitely positive. In addition to the content of macro and microelements, the plant contains vitamins C, B, PP, A.Laurel contains minerals that are important for the body. These include magnesium, sodium, zinc, copper, potassium, selenium, phosphorus, iron, manganese. The plant copes with inflammatory processes.Bay leaf contributes to the rapid coagulation of blood with open wounds, has a diuretic effect. In addition, the product improves digestive processes, increases appetite. Thanks to phytoncides, slags are released from the body and immunity is strengthened.

Useful properties of a bay leaf

Intestines, heart, vascular system. Slags and toxins are naturally released from the intestines due to the presence of vitamin C and selenium in the plant. The use of bay leaves is noticeable after 2-3 days. In addition, the product perfectly strengthens the heart and blood vessels, rejuvenates and evens skin tone. The plant has a beneficial effect on human sleep. Modern people often suffer from insomnia.
For the nervous system, kidneys, female body. Bay leaves soothe the nervous system, normalize the biological rhythm of the body. The plant removes stones from buds. Bay leaf is highly recommended for women who suffer from heavy secretions during the menstrual cycle.
For immunity and hair. Immunologists strongly recommend drinking the infusion out of season, during these periods the risk of catching various viruses is particularly high. If you suffer from hair loss or dandruff, it is strongly recommended that you rinse your hair with a regular brew after each visit to the bathroom. The result is obtained thanks to essential oils and tannins.

The benefits of bay leaf in diseases
With otitis. For otitis (otitis), it is recommended to use a decoction of bay leaf. Drops 4 drops of compound into each ear. You must also drink 50 ml. mix. Manipulation takes place 3 times a day. Until the symptoms of the disease disappear. To prepare the broth, put 2-3 bay leaves in 200 ml. purified water. As soon as the composition begins to boil, record for 2-3 minutes. Turn off the stove, cool. Use as directed.
With respiratory problems and sweating feet. Bay leaf extract is widely used in inhalers. The composition has anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effects on the lungs that are affected by the disease. In addition, the solution from the plant helps to get rid of excessive sweating of the feet. Just fill 30 leaves with hot water and carry out the procedure.
With alcohol addiction. Thanks to the effective composition of bay leaf, the product suppresses alcohol addiction through regular use of funds. Take ground lovage root and 2-3 bay leaves, put the product in a container. Pour 250 ml into the container. vodka. Insist composition for two weeks. The medicine causes aversion to alcohol.
With joint pain. Natural laurel oil is often used for joint pain. It is enough to grind the composition in the inflamed area. In addition, the plant copes with rheumatism, neuralgia and arthritis. It is allowed to use the product purchased at the pharmacy, for greater effectiveness, mix with a few drops of clove ether.
For oral diseases. If you have problems with stomatitis, simply chewing bay leaves will help you fight sick mucus. The procedure is more pleasant to carry out with a fresh plant. The product has a preventive effect in the fight against gingivitis. The plant also eliminates the mouth with an unpleasant smell. It is recommended to chew 1 fresh leaf. After this time, you cannot eat food and liquids for an hour
During weight loss. Bay leaves normalize metabolism, often the product is used to burn excess weight. Enough to drink 30 ml. composition for several days. The liquid enriches the body with vitamins, removes harmful substances, suppresses hunger. Pour 1 liter of purified water into a saucepan. Bring to a boil, put 4 leaves of the plant. Boil the composition for a few minutes, pour into a thermos. Use a decoction before eating.
With diabetes. The plant is recommended for people suffering from diabetes. During use, carbohydrate metabolism is normalized and sugar spikes are eliminated. Boil in 300 ml. clear water 15 bay leaves. Insist on a decoction of several hours. Drink 50 ml. composition 3 times a day before meals.
With hypertension. It is recommended to use the laurel plant hypertension extract. Crush 3 leaves, pour 400 ml. water. send the composition to a plate. Slow food for 10 minutes with minimal heat. Turn the stove off and wait for the decoction to cool completely. The composition should have a pink shade. Use 90-100 ml. decoction 4 times a day. Soon the pressure normalizes. Bay leaf is also often used in the kitchen.
In childhood diseases. In young children, staph can be cured with a plant. Fill with boiling water 10-12 bay leaves in a liter container. Insist 1 day. After that, it is poured into a full bath. Wash the child in the usual way. Laurel oil is used for various rashes, it is enough to lubricate the inflammatory site with the help of the composition. To get a good night's sleep, place a Mediterranean leaf near the pillow. If you are allergic to different products, you need to prepare a decoction. After boiling the liquid (400 ml), we protect 3-4 bay leaves. Insist on the day, give the composition 1 teaspoon a day.
When you cough If you experience discomfort associated with dry cough for a long time, bay leaf oil will help you. To overcome the disease regularly enough to rub the composition of the chest. You can prepare the oil yourself. To do this, you need to fill a standard cup (250 ml) with linseed oil or olive oil, and then pour a few crushed bay leaves into the composition. Clean in a dark place. Insist 6 days. Strain the oil, use as directed.
With tuberculosis, edema. Due to its special composition, the plant inhibits a serious disease in the form of tuberculosis. By using a simple infusion from the body, you can remove salt and excess fluid. As a result, you forget about all kinds of swelling. Take a composition prepared according to the classic recipe for 3-4 days. Use 50 ml. liquid before meals.
With sagging skin. Bay leaves have anti-inflammatory effects, thanks to which the dermis of the whole body gains elasticity and youth. Take a regular glass, chop the leaves and fill them with half the capacity. Then, in the glass container, add the required amount of classic vodka without impurities. Brew the liquid for 7-8 days. Strain the infusion, use as a tonic.
With bacteria in the room. With the help of a decoction prepared according to classic technology, it is possible to disinfect a small room. Prepare the composition, pour the liquid into a flat bowl. Install the tank in the room for one day. As a result, you get a pleasant aroma and air enriched with vitamins. In these conditions, pathogenic bacteria die.

Laurel for pregnant and lactating girls

  • Experts say the plant is more exposed to greater harm than benefits for girls during fetal wear and lactation. The reason is considered quite serious.
  • As a result of regular use of the plant in the body, the uterus decreases. Such a process can provoke a pathological course of pregnancy, in rare cases - miscarriage.
  • Therefore, from a medical point of view, the use of plants is absolutely contraindicated for future mothers. However, there are exceptions - bay leaves do not harm culinary dishes, so there is no reason to worry.
  • In this form, the plant will not harm the woman and fruit, on the contrary, the product will add pleasant taste to food. It is also allowed to use bay leaf decoctions as a balm for pregnant girls.
  • Use the product for cosmetic purposes without worries. The composition has a beneficial effect on problem skin and hair. Bay leaf infusion can be used for purulent wounds and excessive sweating of the feet.
  • Lactating girls are also not recommended to take broth inside. Terrible consequences do not threaten you, as a result, only the taste of milk can worsen (become bitter), the child will completely refuse.
  • Despite all the useful features of the plant, it is recommended to consult a specialist. Only then apply a decoction to improve health by observing the recommended dose of the product per day.

Bay leaf damag

The main feature (rather disadvantage) of the plant is that the product tends to cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, bay leaves as a medicinal composition are not suitable for all people.

If you decide to use the product for medical or culinary purposes, proceed with extreme caution. Take the plant in minimal quantities. If after 1 week there is no allergy in the body, you can increase the dose to the recommended value.

It is forbidden to use the product in acute renal failure, heart and liver diseases. It is forbidden to use and apply the plant in any way to people who suffer from a violation of protein metabolism.