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Best foods for healthy teeth and gums | Eat healthy gums and healthy teeth!

Best foods for healthy teeth and gums
Eat healthy gums and healthy teeth!

Who does not know that? Now and then we notice a bit of bleeding gums or a slight swelling. With the right oral care and a tooth-friendly diet, the small Zipperlein but get quickly under control.
Your way to beautiful, strong teeth
Regular and thorough dental care is essential for healthy teeth: brushing twice a day for two minutes (after each meal) is mandatory, as is the subsequent flossing to remove small food particles from the interdental spaces. It is also advisable to change your toothbrush every three months at the latest.

For very sensitive or even inflamed gums, a toothbrush with soft brushes and a disinfectant and antiseptic mouthwash are recommended. It relieves the discomfort and supports healing.

But even the right diet makes our teeth strong. We reveal what should be on the menu.

Celery and apples: lots of fiber, low acidity
These foods are like a natural tooth cleaning: The chewing of apples or celery stimulates the production of saliva and has a cleaning effect, as with a toothbrush. This will even prevent the formation of new plaque.

Green tea
Tea is catechins a kind of miracle cure for oral hygiene: These phytochemicals have of course antibiotic and antibacterial and thus keep inflammation in check. A study from Japan found that people who drink one or more cups of green tea a day later have less to do with tooth loss.

Cranberry juice
The main constituents of this berry prevent the formation of new acids and bacteria. That means less plaque, less tooth decay and healthy gums!

Strawberries, kiwis and citrus fruits
All these fruits contain vitamin C, which has a positive effect on teeth and gums. In addition, they give the body's collagen a boost and delay the natural yellowing of the teeth (caused by coffee, wine, smoking, etc.).

Onions have very strong antibacterial properties, especially when eaten raw. Your secret? The vegetables contain a component that neutralises sulfur-based bacteria in the mouth. The result: fewer gum complaints, less tooth decay. Eating raw onions costs you to overcome? Just try the vegetables in the salad. Of course, you can also consume it boiled, which is less effective than in raw state.