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Eye Protection Software/Eye care software/ best eye care software for pc /best eye protection software for pc

Eye Protection Software Eye care software

Eye Protection Software/Eye care software/ best eye care software for pc /best eye protection software for pc 


Eyes are a precious gift of power that has no salutation. As a result of this blessing, the human being faces numerous problems in everyday life. As the use of computers and the Internet is increasing rapidly in our daily life, various eye problems and diseases are arising in the consumer. Now the computer has also made room in our pockets in the form of smart phones and each of us spends most of our time watching computer and mobile screen. In developing countries, 70% of computer users suffer from various eye diseases, symptoms include eye irritation, headaches, headaches, neck pain, twitching of eyes, itchy eyes and dark circles around the eyes. Are. Usually we blink twelve to fifteen times a minute. Experts say that when using computers and mobile phones, our eyelids fluctuate significantly, which leads to reduced eye moisture. Blinking the eyelids is very important to maintain this humidity. In addition, the room's brightest light and screen brightness can also cause eye strain. Experts recommend an exercise in this regard, in which each user looks at something twenty feet away for twenty seconds after each minute. This is also called the principle of 20-20-20. Fortunately software specialists have developed software that keeps you informed of the precautionary measures while using a computer. These include eyelids, rotate eyes left and right, rotate the neck, appropriate intervals, and other useful exercises.It is human nature to forget anything, these software remind you about the proper procedures and precautions to be followed by protecting you from many eye diseases. n \ nEye Leo \ n

eye leo This is a very simple computer software that is extremely easy to use. Upon download and installation, the system tray becomes a lion image icon in the System Tray. To set the appropriate intervals at your own time, click on the Eye Leo Settign window and a window will appear where you can set the time period. Suppose you chose five minutes for short breaks and half an hour for long breaks. So at the appointed time, a small tiger will appear on your computer screen and perform various eye exercises to show you copy and healing. At long intervals, the computer screen will turn black, with the aim of getting up from your position, rotating the neck to the left, walking a few steps and taking the finger if desired. This will relieve the eyes and body and make you refreshed.
. \ NDownload Links \ n
http: //www.eyeleo.com/ \ n \ nEyePro \ n
eye pro This software is more modern than ever. It contains complete content based on eye protection and computer sitting procedures. The status bar in it tells you whether or not you are taking precautionary measures. Eye Care Tips tab contains eye care precautions and imagery. The Addons tab includes 6 different games that will keep your eye out and play healthy while playing. \ NDownload links \ n
http: //classlesoft.in/eye-pro.

Excessive computer and smartphone users sleep is greatly affected. In addition to sleep, watching the screen all day is harmful to health. Understand that viewing the screen is like watching the sun, it can be tolerated during the day, but it is not a good idea to see the sun at ten eleven o'clock in the morning or three o'clock in the morning.

If you do all the work on the computer and if you have a compulsion to sit in front of the computer at all times, then use a small utility called "Flux". In addition, we keep an eye on the smartphone screen day and night, a process that is especially damaging for children. If you want to protect your own and your family's eyes from the screen light, the Flex application can be installed on a computer and a smartphone.

No need to configure it, just install and run it will start working. In fact, this utility changes the monitor's light and color depending on your time. If you use a computer at nine o'clock in the morning, it will look very bright and colorful, because at this point you are refreshed and it doesn't matter. But over time it diminishes the screen's light and colors. If you are using a computer at night, it will keep the screen light dimmed accordingly.

In this regard, this program is very popular and useful. If you are a graphics designer and are affecting your work, it may also be timely disabled.


Flex is the most popular application in this regard, but it requires rooting your phone but if your phone is not rooted then you can use the Twilight app. This app is also awesome and popular: