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Health is Wealth / About health is wealth essay / Health is wealth essay

Health is Wealth

About health is wealth essay

Health is wealth essay

The more we talk about the importance of being physically fit - the more and more the importance of living longer is becoming more and more important in today's society. To control heart disease and weight gain -

Benefits of being cunning

 Being clever means your body is able to do its functions and functions better - by doing regular exercise, your heart and lungs will be able to perform more efficiently and improve your movements. Excessive use also controls your weight - Exercise strengthens our bursts and increases flexibility in the joints - Exercise also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, which is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. There is one - it also reduces the risk of heart attacks, diabetes, colon cancer and blood pressure - in fact, regular exercise. You are the doctor and hospital visits are less

It is very important that exercise should not become a scary or boring thing, but it should make your life happy - it should reduce your depression, stress and anxiety - choose the exercises that you enjoy. And get a partner involved so they can be more fun-

What activities are beneficial?

It doesn't matter what you are doing it is important that you keep doing something - any amount of activity like walking, swimming, cycling or various sports can help keep your body energized. You can go to your gym to see what kind of activities are available.

Five to ten minutes of warm up before starting any exercise and then a few minutes of body flexion exercises, until your body is ready for the actual workout - after exercising for twenty to thirty minutes, then five. End the workout by relaxing and relaxing the body for ten minutes -

Who needs physical activity?

Everyone! It is important for each of us to stay active throughout our lives - it is very important to live a balanced workout schedule before you get into trouble, because this is the time when you are weighing these exercises. Control the bones, strengthen the bones, and protect yourself from many ailments like blood pressure and heart diseases - and finally one important thing - always exercise moderately - to keep the body at its limit. Don't be too tired -Experts say that it is best for our body to perform various types of exercise throughout the week at appropriate intervals.