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Normal human body temperature | normal temperature of human body

Normal human body temperature
normal human body temperature

What is the normal body temperature, how much heat does the body's cooling system take off and the protein in the blood? What stages does the human body undergo after taking it, and how can it be avoided? Learn the most useful and essential information that can save your life
First of all you need to know why not everyone who walks in the sun suffers from heat stroke and what is the real reason. Our body temperature is always 37 degrees Celsius and this is the temperature at which all the organs of our body are able to function properly.
In summer, when sweating, the body exits, causing the temperature to remain at 37 degrees Celsius. When water is deficient in the body, our body prevents sweat drainage, so it is important for us to keep drinking water constantly.

In summer, when the outside temperature is above 45 degrees, the body's cooling system also stops and this is when the body temperature starts rising above 37 degrees Celsius and if no action is taken immediately. It reaches 42 degrees Celsius and the blood begins to warm and the protein in it begins to ripen.
At this point, the muscles of the human body begin to tighten and the essential muscles that breathe also stop working. Due to constant sweating, blood begins to thicken due to lack of water and blood pressure is reduced, which prevents blood from reaching the vital organs of the human body (especially the brain).

When the brain stops bleeding, the person goes into a coma and then gradually the rest of the body stops functioning and this causes death.
The most important way to avoid heat stroke is to keep drinking water because human body temperature is required to maintain at 37 ° C and there is nothing better than water for this purpose. Drink at least 3 liters of water daily, while those with kidney disease try to drink at least 6 to 8 liters of water daily.
In extreme heat days, one should avoid going under the open sky between 12 noon to 4 pm and try to spend most of the time at home, room or office as the temperature is near 40 degrees and in the body. Lack of water may seem low.

Focus on eating fruits and vegetables by reducing the use of meat and cold water with cold water, as the effect of the meat is warm and it causes a rise in body temperature and also reduces the water in the body.