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Onion-useful vegetable health the healthy lifes

Onion-useful vegetable health 
Onion is a common vegetable, which is made every year ornaments. No year is not fun without it. It is also made with pickles and sauce is prepared. In cities, onions are eaten as salads. So in the villages, bread onions are eaten with great affection.
The king of Rome, Nairobi, used to eat onions daily, so that his voice would be very good.
Onions as medicine
Onions are an excellent herbicide. In western India, onions are peeled and spread every day in the room to clear the infection and eliminate germs.
Before the central physician used to grab the onion in his hands or mix the onion water with his hands before going to the patient, he protected the patient from infection and germs. Read onion and bite onion Applying water to it eliminates the effects of their poison and leaves no pain.
Onion gives strength to the stomach. Onions also stimulate hunger.
If there are black spots on the body, then by placing onion on them, these black spots are removed.
In the morning, 25 grams of onion water is excreted in the morning after drinking the saline mouth. Eating onions also stops hiccups. Onions are also very useful for ear diseases.
Droping two drops of its scalp into the ear eliminates the complaint of loudness. The onion of the onion leaves the ear to clear the ears. Grinding the onion and coating it on the head begins to cause dark hair. Become
Take the white onion and dry it. Then coat the dried onion and cook it carefully and place it in a glass.
If someone in the house has complained of diarrhea or dysentery, feed the affected person with half a cup of yogurt in half cups. If diarrhea intensifies, give another dose after one hour. Crush the onion and soak it on the wound. Soak the onion in the fire and remove it from the house and make it lighter in the house. Tying it on the hot onion hemorrhoids will remove the wipes and ease the pain immediately. Will
Similarly, rubbing onion boiled on the boil eliminates pain and swelling and breaks the boil.
If there are lice in the head then the onion slices will die on the head. Lying a few drops of onion slices into the nose of the patient will bring it to consciousness. If the abdominal pain begins, frying the onion on the fire and then grinding it in the gut, it eliminates the pain.
The onion in the itch is removed from the skin by getting it on the skin.
Noshadar and Onion Liquor Weight and rub the noshdar into the lid so that both of them go together. Save it in a glass vial. Effective treatment for coughing is common. Applying a few drops on the affected area to relieve pain and poisoning effects. Goes
Take a few black peppers and 25 grams of onion, grind it and make it a pulp. Then adding water to it will keep the cholera patient from feeding 50-50 grams. It eliminates nervousness and vomiting, and eating a few doses helps the patient to recover. Is going

It is more useful to mix onion in the head. Eating raw onion should not be eaten as raw onion;