Healthy foods vs junk food| healthy food vs junk food chart| healthy food vs junk food essay| healthy food vs junk food slogan| healthy foods and junk food| - The Healthy Lifes

Healthy foods vs junk food| healthy food vs junk food chart| healthy food vs junk food essay| healthy food vs junk food slogan| healthy foods and junk food|

Healthy foods vs junk food

The importance of diet is an important fact in human life, which is impossible to deny.

Hunger compels humans to seek food in their own jurisdiction from birth to death. When you use food to fill your stomach, your appetite disappears, but whether or not the nutrition is complete depends on the nutrients in the food you eat.

A diet in which all the ingredients are in the right amount is called a 'balanced diet'. Lack of or excess of any nutrient may affect the efficacy of the diet, which eventually leads to various diseases. Nutritional deficiencies or deficiencies are generally considered to be an unbalanced diet.

Abuse of any ingredient in the diet is just as harmful as it is deficient and it will be a balanced diet. An unbalanced diet not only causes many diseases directly but also makes the human body an easy target for various diseases by disrupting the indirect immune system.

According to the World Health Organization, 462 million people suffer from weight loss due to malnutrition, with 1.6 billion people suffering from obesity. According to UNICEF, about 45% of children's development in Pakistan is severely affected by malnutrition. According to the International Ford Research Institute, the fifth part of Pakistan's population suffers from malnutrition.

Lack of food is the main cause of poverty and poor availability of food, but one thing worth mentioning here is that despite the availability of food, an unbalanced diet choice can make humans more prone to depression.

For example, every baby born in the world comes in the form of breast milk with a very balanced and best possible food guarantee, but unfortunately many mothers in Pakistan do not breastfeed their baby for no good reason or Then they release it quickly, though there is no salutation in this world. As a result, children suffer from a lack of food due to inconsistent and non-standard diets.

About 70% of Pakistan's population lives in rural areas where milk, eggs, fruits, pulses and vegetables are available at cheaper prices, but parents place their children on an unbalanced diet. Instead of eggs and milk, biscuits and juice can also be expensive and have extremely unobtrusive and harmful health, so choosing a wrong and inconsistent diet in addition to food shortages can also lead to malnutrition or partial hypertension. ۔

A balanced diet is responsible for the human body's development, repair and supply of energy used in daily life. A balanced diet is the cause of the physical, mental, and economic comfort of the human body, in other words, fitness. Diet severely affects the stages of human development, which is why the importance of a balanced diet is very important in childhood when human development is taking place very fast.

Protein, starch (carbohydrate), fat (fat), vitamins (vitamins), salts (minerals) and water are important components of the human diet. A balanced diet is the presence of the right amount of ingredients. Rhythm is an important component of our body. Meat is made from lipids, muscles, veins and fibers. There are two types of dietary supplements, one for animal-derived meat and eggs and one for plant-derived pulses.

Stars provide instant energy for our daily life. If starch is excessive, the body converts it to fat. It adds weight. Therefore, excessive consumption of starchy foods can lead to an increase in diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases. Those who do mental or office work at the seating will want to use starchy foods carefully. Cereals, rice, wheat, corn, sweets, etc. are starchy foods. Similarly, potatoes, peas and sugar are starchy vegetables.

Fat or fat is the third most important ingredient in our diet. Oil, ghee, butter etc. are all grease. They provide heat and energy to the body. Overuse of fat also increases the risk of developing heart disease due to obesity and cholesterol abuse.

Salt is also an important ingredient in diet. Lifeguards perform many important functions in the body and they are abundant in fresh fruits and vegetables. Water comprises 60 to 70 percent of the human body. In the event of dehydration, many chemical reactions in the body do not take place properly. Water is also essential in removing corrupt substances in the body.

Lay the groundwork for a healthy life from scratch. Mothers should breastfeed their babies for two years. After 6 months, the milk does not meet the nutritional needs of the baby. Therefore, it is important to include a semi-solid soft diet with milk after 6 months.

All people should use fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, pulses, cereal rice, eggs and milk, in appropriate quantities for a nutritious diet. If you have a particular disorder, consult your doctor for detailed dietary advice. People with heart, liver and kidney diseases should pay attention to both diet and medication.

A balanced diet is the foundation of a healthy life. A healthy body has a healthy mind, and a healthy body and mind really have life so start a balanced diet and start an extraordinary life.

Junk food is not beneficial to human health

Manufacturing and selling junk food was banned in Los Angeles in the past due to its disadvantages.

New York be it burdens, sandwiches for whom, rich or poor, or both? Some people think that junk food is a rich diet. Light and light to digest, which is why they like it. Nutritionists do not consider junk food to be healthy, but still have no control over junk food. Its eaters are growing. Zinc foods are the cause of heart, sugar and obesity.

In recent days there has been another exploration abroad whose subject was the junk food of the rich or the poor? Research has shown that this is all. The middle class is most interested in it. President Trump is also keen on junk food, he has been advertising to junk food companies. Warren Buffett is one of the top five emissaries in the world. He says: I've been eating junk food since I was 6 years old. They are so keen on chips and drinks that no day goes by without them. Nutritionists consider junk food to be salty and greasy.

According to nutritionists, junk foods are popular because of their quick and easy-to-eat diet. In the United States, between 1957 and 1964, the breed gained energy from junk food. It turned out that in 1979, 2008 and 2012, these young people were asked questions about junk food. For example, how many times have they eaten fast food in the last 3 weeks or gone to 5 major hotels to make fast food? 79% said they must go to the hotel at least once in 3 weeks. 75% of the richest 10% and 85% of the poorest 10% went to fast food.
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It was banned in Los Angeles over the loss of junk food but could not be implemented. People moved to nearby areas for fast food, so the ban was lifted. This is why junk food users have become obese. In spite of its hideous body, junk food remained their weakness. Junk food is not cheap either. In a typical restaurant, a man eats for $ 4 a pack, but junk food often comes in at $ 15. Those earning $ 8,000 are considered below the poverty line. Earnings of $ 16,000 mean $ 44 a day, and living in the US for $ 44 is not easy. But in reality, junk food has become a part of people's lives.

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