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shilajit: benefits of shilajit ,shilajit capsule,shilajit uses,patanjali shilajit,shilajit gold

What is shilajit?

Shilajit is a viscous substance found mainly in Himalayan rocks. It has been growing for centuries due to the slow decay of plants.

Shilajit is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is an effective and safe supplement that can positively impact your overall health and well-being.

Here is a look at eight ways to use shiitake.

benefits of shilajit

10 benefits of shilajit

1. Brain Function

Many compounds found in Shilajit can be helpful for brain function, and may also aid in Alzheimer's therapy.

A study in the International Journal of Alzheimer's Disease states that Shilajit has traditionally been used to slow longevity and aging. The compounds present in it can help control cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer's.

Researchers expect Shilajit to have an effect in preventing cognitive disorders, but more research is needed to explore these possibilities.

2 Anemia

Anemia develops when there are not enough healthy cells or hemoglobin in the blood. There are many reasons for anemia including iron deficiency.

Iron deficiency anemia can cause many symptoms in the body, including:

Irregular heartbeat
Fatigue and weakness
Cold hands and feet
head ache
Shilajit contains high levels of humic acid and iron, which can be helpful in treating iron deficiency anemia. However, it is important to explore this option with a doctor before taking the supplement.

3. Chronic Fatigue

A 2012 study published in the Journal of Ethnography found that Shilajit helped reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome in test subjects.

Researchers said that Shilajit can help improve cell functions in the body, meaning that it can reduce fatigue at the source of the problem and naturally increase energy levels.

4. Liver Cancer

Shiljit also shows promise in the war against certain types of cancer cells.
One study found that Shilajit helped destroy cancer cells in the liver.

It also prevented these cancer cells from multiplying. The researchers said their results suggest that Shilajit has anti-cancer effects, but more studies are needed.

5. Obesity

Lifting excess weight can make the muscles tired and the bones may get stressed. A study in the Journal of Medicinal Food stated that people who were obese who took an oral supplement of pure Shilajit responded better to exercise than those who did not.

Researchers noted that Shilajit used to help activate genes in the body that helped skeletal muscles adapt quickly to new workouts. This can mean less fatigue and more strength over time.

6. Aging

One study has mentioned that fulvic acid, one of the major compounds in shilajit, acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. As such, it can help reduce free radicals and cellular damage in the body, which are the two major factors of aging.

Daily supplementation of Shilajit can contribute to overall vitality and slow aging process in some people.

7. Antiviral

The wide range of minerals and compounds found in Shilajit can also help in fighting the virus. A research study states that Shilajit can kill and kill many different viruses in different environments, including some herpes viruses.

The researchers commented that while this appears to be effective, more studies conducted with live subjects are needed to support these claims.

Shilajit has additionally been concentrated to expand male fruitfulness
One study gave Shilajit to 60 infertile men twice a day for 90 days.

After the test period, approximately half of the men completing treatment showed an increase in total sperm count and sperm motility, or how much and how well sperm move toward the egg, both of which are factors of male fertility,
Another investigation took a gander at the capacity of Shilajit to build testosterone levels in sound volunteers. Shilajit was given to men aged 45 to 55 for 90 days. At the end of the period, researchers noted a significant increase in total testosterone levels.

9. Altitude sickness

One of the claims made by traditional healers is that Shilajit can help reduce altitude sickness.  Symptoms of altitude sickness range from body pain and fatigue to lung congestion and low oxygen in the brain.

Shilajit is a complex substance containing more than 80 different minerals, as well as fulvic acid and humic acid. Due to this broad spectrum of beneficial components, Shilajit is thought to help alleviate many symptoms of altitude sickness.

It can help improve cognitive processes of the brain, boost the immune system and reduce inflammation, it can all reduce altitude sickness.

10. Heart health

As it can lower blood pressure, people with heart disease or hypotension should not take Shilajit.
Shilajit can also protect the heart and improve heart health. A recent study using mice has noted the protective effects of Shilajit on the heart.

Animals that were treated with Shilajit before heart injury suffered less heart damage than those not given to Shilajit.

It is important to note that Shilajit can lower blood pressure in some cases and should not be taken by someone who has an active heart condition.

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